YC Leads Ontario Domination at Nationals!


Master Jerome Cabanatan recaps the YC team’s performance at the 2015 National Championships.


Montreal’s Claude-Robillard Sports Centre was host to the 2015 Canadian National Taekwondo Championships. In addition to having Canadian titles on the line, the event was also a National Team trial for Cadet (12-14) and Junior (15-17) divisions. The high-stakes event went very well for the team from 44 Vaughan Road, as they lead Team Ontario to one of the best finishes in recent memory. Ontario finished with 11 of 16 gold medals in the Senior sparring divisions, 10 of 20 in the Junior divisions and 13 of 20 in the Cadet divisions. Ontario also won 23 of 25 gold in the Poomse divisions (Patterns).

The Ontario charge was led by YC’s 6 golds, 6 silvers and 3 bronze medal finishes:


  • Angelica Bertucca (Sr F -53kg)
  • Daisy Morgan (Sr F -46kg)
  • Bernard Lorde (Sr M -68kg)
  • Hayk Amirbekyan (Sr M +87kg)
  • Austin Morgan (Ct M +65kg)
  • Darius Brown (Ct M -41kg)


  • Jordan Stewart (Sr M -87kg)
  • Vanessa Romanski (Jr F -59kg)
  • Angelique Orozco (Ct F -41kg)
  • Nicolas Araujo (Ct M -53kg)
  • Odysseus Petropoulos (Ct M -57kg)
  • JD Keenan (Ct M +65kg)


  • Shashank Bhat (Sr M -68kg)
  • Annan Abu Shala (Sr M -80kg)
  • Ciara Morgan (Sr F -49kg)
2015 champions

YCTKD’s 2015 National Champions: Angelica Bertucca, Daisy Morgan, Bernard Lorde, Hayk Amirbekyan, Austin Morgan and Darius Brown.

Congratulations to the YCTKD team and the rest of Team Ontario! You bring pride to your coaches and you have proven that with hard work, teamwork and focused vision that good things CAN grow in Ontario!

Up next… Pan Am Games!

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