Wanted: Bench Players!


From Tutus to Taekwondo: YC’s Angelica Bertucca had 10 years of competitive dance training before taking up taekwondo.

Are you a Bench Player? Know a Bench Player? Wanna Play?¬†Taekwondo may be what you are looking for! In the world of competitive sports, it is easy to ¬†fall through the cracks if you are not consistently a “starter” early on. At YCTKD, we encourage the rough diamonds to discover their hidden talents. Here’s a quick list of some advantages your “bench player” can get at YCTKD!

1) Versatile physical fitness: TKD initially focuses on developing agility, balance and coordination which is vital for virtually any sport. TKD’s footwork, kicking and punching develops a mobile athlete that can use all four limbs (what coach doesn’t want that?).

2) Mental toughness: TKD isn’t easy, whether it’s learning a pattern or getting used to sparring. A new student may have to make a thousand mistakes before they do something right. The “fighter” or “soldier” attitude instilled by the instructors and coaches mould a type of perseverance that is rare (although it doesn’t have to be).

3) No Off-Season: Whether an athlete chooses to train TKD exclusively or play another sport as well, the Dojang is always there. TKD is year round so you can always come back (YCTKD has been at the same location for 34 years with no off-season).

4) There is no “Bench”: Although not every student will choose to compete, all students are taught the same skills, are expected to give the same amount of effort and given the same amount of respect. Whatever a student’s role in the team/class, the goal is to make the whole team better, and that requires INDIVIDUAL commitment towards the TEAM’s goals. Everyone gives 100%.

5) Self-Discovery through TKD: Some “bench players” may have just been in the wrong sport! From soccer to basketball, ballet to track and everywhere in between, YCTKD has a history of developing athletes from other sports into champions, instructors and coaches in TKD (and vice versa!)

So whether you are trying to build your body to make the cut, get the mental edge for more playing time or still trying to find YOUR sport, the team at YCTKD can help you! They have been doing it for 34 years and counting…


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