Unsung Heroes…

After finishing a successful run at this year’s Canada Open, I was sure to give all the coaches and athletes their congratulations and  just due. As the “face” of the sport, all the athletes and coaches did their very best to represent their school at the country’s premier international event. However, successful events require more than just those pretty faces shouting and kicking, I would like to thank those that may not have been noticed…

Referees/Judges/Officials: Your jobs never get any credit and receive all the blame. Thank you for continuing to perform professionally and at your best, despite the negativity that ultimately is thrown at you as you work. You are fine examples of courtesy, integrity, perseverance and self-control… wrapped up in fancy powder blue jackets.

Volunteers/Techs: I saw many volunteers on the weekends, some were taekwondo students, others were just family members of taekwondo students and others still were just seemingly tricked into doing work (marshalling, setup/teardown, ring runners, technical assisstant etc)! Whatever your reason for helping, thank you! TKD tournaments would not move at all if it wasn’t for your kind efforts.

Parents/Grandparents/ Fans: I have always thought that TKD would be the perfect spectator sport… If we had any spectators! (womp, womp)… The crowd participation was great at this tournament, it was all positive. Teams cheered hard for their player, but didn’t boo the other. Thank you for continuing to cultivate the sport’s popularity and excitement while maintaining the level of sportsmanship a martial art should.

Control Table: From repeatedly answering the smallest questions, to creating the draws,  to calling the missing athletes using the “little fighter’s room”… You pushed the tournament along smoothly and patiently. You were the “brains” in the background that allowed the “face” of the sport to smile brightly in the foreground. Thank you.

Just showing my personal appreciation to those individuals responsible for allowing those in the Taekwondo community to pursue the sport with dedication and confidence >:D

See you soon.

-Master Jerome Cabanatan

control table

The control table at Canada Open 2013



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