Toronto Open 2015 #TO2k15

Toronto Open2k15
Dear Friends,
You are cordially invited to the TORONTO OPEN™2015 TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIPS, at the
Variety Village Athletic Centre at 3701 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Thank you for your continued support of this tournament. Our aim was to give all developing
participants an opportunity to compete and meet with many other TKD practitioners. The
Toronto Open has always been the event to celebrate and showcase Taekwondo for athletes
of all abilities.
Last year’s event attracted World Class Athletes, Coaches and Referees! Many of our
domestic players were tested, inspired, and realize their own potential. The quality of the
competitors and teams continually define the credibility of this long running event.
Kindly read the attached tournament package carefully for all details regarding registration
deadlines, tournament rules,terms and conditions of participation,competition schedule,weigh-in times, and contest procedures.
Please note that KP&P® Sensor Socks are required for Day 2 competition.
Medical Support Team will be on site to treat injuries. Taping services will be offered at a cost
of $5.00/taping.
Should you have any questions or concerns at any time regarding the tournament, please
contact us.
We look forward to seeing you soon!
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YC Leads Ontario Domination at Nationals!


Master Jerome Cabanatan recaps the YC team’s performance at the 2015 National Championships.


Montreal’s Claude-Robillard Sports Centre was host to the 2015 Canadian National Taekwondo Championships. In addition to having Canadian titles on the line, the event was also a National Team trial for Cadet (12-14) and Junior (15-17) divisions. The high-stakes event went very well for the team from 44 Vaughan Road, as they lead Team Ontario to one of the best finishes in recent memory. Ontario finished with 11 of 16 gold medals in the Senior sparring divisions, 10 of 20 in the Junior divisions and 13 of 20 in the Cadet divisions. Ontario also won 23 of 25 gold in the Poomse divisions (Patterns).

The Ontario charge was led by YC’s 6 golds, 6 silvers and 3 bronze medal finishes:


  • Angelica Bertucca (Sr F -53kg)
  • Daisy Morgan (Sr F -46kg)
  • Bernard Lorde (Sr M -68kg)
  • Hayk Amirbekyan (Sr M +87kg)
  • Austin Morgan (Ct M +65kg)
  • Darius Brown (Ct M -41kg)


  • Jordan Stewart (Sr M -87kg)
  • Vanessa Romanski (Jr F -59kg)
  • Angelique Orozco (Ct F -41kg)
  • Nicolas Araujo (Ct M -53kg)
  • Odysseus Petropoulos (Ct M -57kg)
  • JD Keenan (Ct M +65kg)


  • Shashank Bhat (Sr M -68kg)
  • Annan Abu Shala (Sr M -80kg)
  • Ciara Morgan (Sr F -49kg)
2015 champions

YCTKD’s 2015 National Champions: Angelica Bertucca, Daisy Morgan, Bernard Lorde, Hayk Amirbekyan, Austin Morgan and Darius Brown.

Congratulations to the YCTKD team and the rest of Team Ontario! You bring pride to your coaches and you have proven that with hard work, teamwork and focused vision that good things CAN grow in Ontario!

Up next… Pan Am Games!

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Three from 44 make National Team!


YCTKD will be represented at the World Taekwondo Championships once again, with three athletes earning spots on the National Team!

Congratulations go out to Jordan Stewart, Yvette Yong and Siddu Bhat for earning their spots on the Canadian National Team! After fighting five crowd pleasing matches at the National Team Trials (held at York University on March 29, 2015), Jordan finished as Canada’s number one heavyweight and took his spot on the team in the Men’s +78kg division.  Teammates Yvette Yong (Women’s -46kg) and Siddu Bhat (Men’s -63kg) both pre-qualified their spots on the National Team through the hard-earned international medals they won throughout this year’s competition season. The three athletes will be representing Canada at the 2015 World Taekwondo Championships from May 12-18 in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Good luck, train hard! 44!

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Canada Open 2015


This Valentine’s/Family Day weekend, taekwondo athletes from across the country and around the world participated in Canada’s only world ranking event prior to the summer’s PanAm Games, the Canada Open Taekwondo Championships. The YC high performance team was there in full force as we had athletes competing in Cadet(U14), Junior(U18) and Senior divisions. An elite competition, our athletes faced off against the best earning ten medals total in the event held in Toronto’s Westin Harbour Castle.

Hard earned Bronze medals were awarded to Bernard Lorde (Sr M -68kg), Nicolas Araujo (Cdt M -53kg) and Austin Morgan (Cdt M +65kg). Yvette Yong (Sr F -46kg), Siddhartha Bhat (Sr M -63kg) and Justyn Sengkhounmany (Cdt M -37kg) fought valiantly and went home with Silvers. The biggest highs were from the Gold medal performances of Annan Abu Salha (Jr M +78kg), Odysseus Petropoulos (Cdt M -57kg), JD Keenan (Cdt M +65kg) and Mikhela Go (Jr Para-Poomse).

The team showed a strong fighting spirit all around and endured some heartbreak along the way but continued to move forward together as the days wore on, just as elite teams are expected to do. Congratulations to all that stepped on the mats, time to look towards the National Team Trials at the end of March and come back even stronger!


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Congratulations Grandmaster Choung!

YCTKD Founder, Grandmaster Choung Young Su, has recently been awarded the rank of 9th Dan Black Belt from the Kukkiwon, the head of the World Taekwondo Federation. He earned and tested for the honor at Kukkiwon Headquarters in Seoul, Korea after decades of service to the Canadian Taekwondo community. Congratulations Sir, onto future generations! MU-HON-YU!!!

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YC Shows Horns at Provincials!


Teamwork and fighting spirit was key in the team’s preparation for the 2014 Provincial Championships.

Ryerson University was home to the 2014 Junior/Cadet Provincial Championships this past weekend. The event pits Ontario’s top five athletes in each weight class in a round-robin format to determine the best in the province. The twelve young athletes from 44 Vaughan Road tested their skills against the best players in Ontario and came home with seven Golds and five Bronzes:

  • Angelique Guylaine Orozco- Gold (CDT F Bantam)
  • Jessica Jun- Gold (CDT F Light)
  • Vanessa Romanski- Bronze (JR F Light-Middle)
  • Justyn Sengkhounmany- Gold (CDT M Fly)
  • Darius Brown- Gold (CDT M Bantam)
  • Odysseus Petropoulos- Gold (CDT M Light)
  • Nicolas Araujo- Bronze (CDT M Light)
  • Austin Morgan- Gold (CDT M Heavy)
  • JD Keenan- Bronze (CDT M Heavy)
  • Hyunsoo Ha- Bronze (JR M Feather)
  • Annan AbuShalha- Bronze (JR M Middle)
  • Kevin Gilmore- Gold (JR M Light Heavy)
  • Coaches: Master Jerome Cabanatan, Master Demetre Petropoulos, Master Frank Bertucca
  • Athlete Support: Matthew Stewart, Jordan Stewart, Angelica Bertucca, Daisy Morgan

Congratulations to ALL competitors, teams, parents and coaches. The next competition will be the 2014 Toronto Open November 15/16! See you all there! 44!

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“Thank you, you’re far too kind!”

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 12.04.45 PM

Our kind sponsors.

A huge thank you to all of the sponsors of the 2014 Toronto Open Taekwondo Championships! As always, your support is greatly  appreciated!

Lebert Fitness
FooDog Apparel
Captain Sports Martial Arts Supply
Asada Mexican Grill
Carbon Patent Group
Norsteel Buildings Limited
JC Essentials
Days Inn
Pureform Omega

Please take the time to check their pages to like and share!

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2014 National Championships

Young Choung Taekwondo Academy recently made an emphatic statement at the Canadian National Taekwondo Championships held in Toronto at the Westin Harbour Castle from May 15-18. With an enthusiastic cheering contingent and a team of athletes displaying the classic Young Choung fighting spirit, the senior team lead the nation with 3 golds, 2 silvers and a bronze. Following the footsteps of their seniors, the YC Junior (U18),Cadet(U14) and Youth (U12) teams also added a gold, 2 silvers and a bronze into the mix. Not to be outdone by the black belts, the color belt/ recreational teams finished the weekend racking up 12 golds, 6 silvers and 5 bronzes. Congratulations and thank you to all competitors, coaches, parents and supporters!

On to the next one…


Grandmaster Choung stands proud with some of the High Performance Team from 44 Vaughan Road.


Yvette Yong SrF Fin Gold
Alicia Camacho SrF Fin Silver
Angelica Bertucca SrF Bantam 4th
Amin Hourfar SrM Fly -
Alex Mayotte SrM Bantam 4th
Siddu Bhat SrM Feather Gold
Bernard Lorde SrM Feather Bronze
Matthew Stewart SrM Light -
Jordan Stewart SrM Middle Silver
Hayk Amirbekyan SrM Heavy Gold
Kevin Gilmore JrM LightHeavy Silver
Angelique Orozco CdtF Bantam Bronze
Jessica Jun CdtF Light 5th
Justyn Sengkhounmany CdtM Fly 5th
Darius Brown CdtM Bantam 5th
Nicolas Araujo CdtM Feather 4th
Odysseus Petropoulos CdtM Feather 5th
JD Keenan CdtM LightHeavy Gold
Brandon Bernardo YthM Feather Silver
Kaitlyn Wiens Jr Elite Poomse -

Variety Village’s Mikhela Go and Daniel Kreutzburg show off their hardware with their families and Master J. Cabanatan.


Achilles Petropoulos U7- Novice Silver (s)
Nikolett Racz U9-Novice Gold (p)
William Tcherkachine U9-Advanced Bronze (p), 4th (s)
Noah Nacsa U9-Advanced Silver (p), Bronze (s)
Delaney Wong U9-Advanced Silver (p)
Jaden Fung Yth Intermediate Bronze (p), 4th (s)
Markus Kirksey Yth Advanced Gold (s)
Samuel Xiao Cdt Advanced Gold (p)
Austin Morgan Cdt Intermediate Silver (p), Gold (s)
Justin Fung Cdt Advanced Bronze (s)
Angus Worley Jr Advanced Gold (s)
Ciara Morgan Jr Intermediate Silver (p), Gold (s)
Daoud Sharif Sr Advanced Bronze (s)
Daisy Morgan Sr Intermediate Gold (s), Gold (p)
David Helliwell Sr Advanced Silver (s)
Rennie McBurnie Sr Advanced Gold (s)
Paula Kirksey Sr Advanced Gold  (s)
Mikhela Go AWAD Black Belt Gold
Daniel Kreutzberg AWAD Black Belt Gold


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Summer Camp Dates Announced!


YCTKD is proudly offering 8 weeks of Summer Camp!

  • June 30-July 4
  • July 7-11
  • July 14-18
  • July 21-25
  • August 4-8
  • August 11-15
  • August 18-22
  • August 25-29

Registration is now OPEN!

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Wanted: Bench Players!


From Tutus to Taekwondo: YC’s Angelica Bertucca had 10 years of competitive dance training before taking up taekwondo.

Are you a Bench Player? Know a Bench Player? Wanna Play? Taekwondo may be what you are looking for! In the world of competitive sports, it is easy to  fall through the cracks if you are not consistently a “starter” early on. At YCTKD, we encourage the rough diamonds to discover their hidden talents. Here’s a quick list of some advantages your “bench player” can get at YCTKD!

1) Versatile physical fitness: TKD initially focuses on developing agility, balance and coordination which is vital for virtually any sport. TKD’s footwork, kicking and punching develops a mobile athlete that can use all four limbs (what coach doesn’t want that?).

2) Mental toughness: TKD isn’t easy, whether it’s learning a pattern or getting used to sparring. A new student may have to make a thousand mistakes before they do something right. The “fighter” or “soldier” attitude instilled by the instructors and coaches mould a type of perseverance that is rare (although it doesn’t have to be).

3) No Off-Season: Whether an athlete chooses to train TKD exclusively or play another sport as well, the Dojang is always there. TKD is year round so you can always come back (YCTKD has been at the same location for 34 years with no off-season).

4) There is no “Bench”: Although not every student will choose to compete, all students are taught the same skills, are expected to give the same amount of effort and given the same amount of respect. Whatever a student’s role in the team/class, the goal is to make the whole team better, and that requires INDIVIDUAL commitment towards the TEAM’s goals. Everyone gives 100%.

5) Self-Discovery through TKD: Some “bench players” may have just been in the wrong sport! From soccer to basketball, ballet to track and everywhere in between, YCTKD has a history of developing athletes from other sports into champions, instructors and coaches in TKD (and vice versa!)

So whether you are trying to build your body to make the cut, get the mental edge for more playing time or still trying to find YOUR sport, the team at YCTKD can help you! They have been doing it for 34 years and counting…


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