Canada Open 2014

Canada Open 2013

YCTKD’s medal count included former Hillcrest students Siddhartha Bhat (Senior Feather, Gold) and Odysseus Petropolous (Cadet Bantam, Bronze)

The team from 44 Vaughan Road represented their colors well at the 2014 Canada Open held February 13-16 2014 in Montreal, Quebec. The annual event, attracted some of the top taekwondo athletes from around in the world. Senior division medals were earned by Angelica Bertucca (F Bantam, Bronze), Jordan Stewart (M Middle, Bronze) and Siddhartha Bhat (M Feather, Gold) while our Cadet division was on the podium through Odysseus Petropolous (M Bantam, Bronze). YCTKD was also represented well by Kaitlyn Wiens of Variety Village as she advanced to the Finals of the Junior Poomse competition. Congratulations to all contestants and good luck on the next step!

The world-class competitions continue on February 19-22 in Las Vegas at the 2014 US Open.


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