2014 National Championships

Young Choung Taekwondo Academy recently made an emphatic statement at the Canadian National Taekwondo Championships held in Toronto at the Westin Harbour Castle from May 15-18. With an enthusiastic cheering contingent and a team of athletes displaying the classic Young Choung fighting spirit, the senior team lead the nation with 3 golds, 2 silvers and a bronze. Following the footsteps of their seniors, the YC Junior (U18),Cadet(U14) and Youth (U12) teams also added a gold, 2 silvers and a bronze into the mix. Not to be outdone by the black belts, the color belt/ recreational teams finished the weekend racking up 12 golds, 6 silvers and 5 bronzes. Congratulations and thank you to all competitors, coaches, parents and supporters!

On to the next one…


Grandmaster Choung stands proud with some of the High Performance Team from 44 Vaughan Road.


Yvette Yong SrF Fin Gold
Alicia Camacho SrF Fin Silver
Angelica Bertucca SrF Bantam 4th
Amin Hourfar SrM Fly -
Alex Mayotte SrM Bantam 4th
Siddu Bhat SrM Feather Gold
Bernard Lorde SrM Feather Bronze
Matthew Stewart SrM Light -
Jordan Stewart SrM Middle Silver
Hayk Amirbekyan SrM Heavy Gold
Kevin Gilmore JrM LightHeavy Silver
Angelique Orozco CdtF Bantam Bronze
Jessica Jun CdtF Light 5th
Justyn Sengkhounmany CdtM Fly 5th
Darius Brown CdtM Bantam 5th
Nicolas Araujo CdtM Feather 4th
Odysseus Petropoulos CdtM Feather 5th
JD Keenan CdtM LightHeavy Gold
Brandon Bernardo YthM Feather Silver
Kaitlyn Wiens Jr Elite Poomse -

Variety Village’s Mikhela Go and Daniel Kreutzburg show off their hardware with their families and Master J. Cabanatan.


Achilles Petropoulos U7- Novice Silver (s)
Nikolett Racz U9-Novice Gold (p)
William Tcherkachine U9-Advanced Bronze (p), 4th (s)
Noah Nacsa U9-Advanced Silver (p), Bronze (s)
Delaney Wong U9-Advanced Silver (p)
Jaden Fung Yth Intermediate Bronze (p), 4th (s)
Markus Kirksey Yth Advanced Gold (s)
Samuel Xiao Cdt Advanced Gold (p)
Austin Morgan Cdt Intermediate Silver (p), Gold (s)
Justin Fung Cdt Advanced Bronze (s)
Angus Worley Jr Advanced Gold (s)
Ciara Morgan Jr Intermediate Silver (p), Gold (s)
Daoud Sharif Sr Advanced Bronze (s)
Daisy Morgan Sr Intermediate Gold (s), Gold (p)
David Helliwell Sr Advanced Silver (s)
Rennie McBurnie Sr Advanced Gold (s)
Paula Kirksey Sr Advanced Gold  (s)
Mikhela Go AWAD Black Belt Gold
Daniel Kreutzberg AWAD Black Belt Gold


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