2013 Canada Open Results: Day 2

Day 2 showed continued success as the Canadian Forces’ Angelica Bertucca (female bantam) and Kevin Gilmore (jr male middle) took home their first international medals in hard fought bronze medal matches. Jordan Stewart (jr male heavy) was in action again, earning a silver medal by dominating his competition but eventually losing in an exciting back forth final against his American counterpart. Our first experience in Team Poomse earned Charlotte McAfee-Brunner, Kelly Morrison and Kaitlyn Wiens some silver covered hardware. Amelia McAfee-Brunner (AWAD Poomse) and Alicia Camacho (jr female bantam) also took home uncontested golds.

Our athletes showed full confidence in their abilities and their results were a direct result of their hard work and dedication they put in on a daily basis! Congratulations everyone!

Now on to day 3…


Amelia and Charlotte McaAfee-Brunner with Master C


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